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I am a person who understands the struggles you have faced. I’ve felt your stress on trying to make healthier choices in a world where it is not made to be easy. We all sometimes struggle with control at our favorite restaurants who serve over sized portions, We sometimes get too comfortable with the convenience of fast food in a busy lifestyle and eat takeout more times than we should.


As a athlete who put in endless hours of training to become victorious in a sport, I am familiar with feeling too tired to train. Feeling the muscle aches of a prior workout, we sometimes add in a extra “rest” day and find ourselves missing multiple days. I’ve been there and I feel you! I am a lot of things but never an OUTSIDER to your experiences. My name is Darius and I’m your Fitness and Wellness Coach.

"If you had told me I would be here, at this time, doing these things, and wanting to, and craving to at any point before now I would have told you that you were a liar.

But. Not. Now.”


— Matthew Kirk


What I do…

When looking for a professional to hire for their services, of course, you look for the qualifications and job experience.  You want to trust and believe that you are safe from any harm and treated with respect. However, you also want to know that you are being heard beyond the words you say aloud.  You want to be seen past what is publicly shown. You want to have a certain level of compassion and respect that is shared through friendship. You are not just a dollar amount. You are MORE than a client.  You are a person who is sharing a part of their life with me and I am honored to be included. Let’s bond through building a better YOU.

Fitness & Nutrition plans for ALL levels

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Micro-nutrient focused foods

Eating micro-based and natural foods are not only appealing to the eye but to the body! Macro-nutrients (protein, carbs, and fats) are important for regular muscle development and body fat reduction. However, there are endless properties micro-nutrients offer the body as a whole. I focus my plans on foods that decrease inflammation, provide a variety of taste profiles and create a sense of fun when eating them. No one likes eating boring foods, so I won’t make you either.

Bodybuilding competition prep plans

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Bodybuilding competition prep plans

It's good to know the difference between a good workout and a workout that is good for YOU. Not every exercise is meant for you and your body's mechanics. Having a professional that can modify technique and isolate unwanted actions while properly exercising can make a huge difference in your progress and physical health. Whether that is for daily functions or sport specific objectives, I care about your sustainable results and overall health. I’ve assisted many athletes with an approach that includes compassion, guidance, REAL confidence and support.


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